Blue Pearl, Norway’s famous Larvik stone, is a distinct grayish-blue granite embedded with glimmering iridescent crystals.

It comes in different shades from metallic blue with silver streaks to dark blue with black and gray specks. These variations occur naturally, depending on where a particular slab was quarried. Thus, buyers are highly advised to inspect the actual slabs prior to purchasing the material(s) as they may differ from the samples and displays seen in showrooms.

The most notable characteristic of this particular granite is its iridescent optical effect (Schiller effect). The granite appears to change color when viewed from different angles, especially when directed towards a light.

Blue Pearl, like every other granite, is unyielding. It will not scratch or chip under normal use. Heat from hot pots and pans won’t deal any damage either. In addition, it has a low absorption rate so you need not worry about staining.

Blue Pearl is a unique surface that offers a luminous and elegant look in any space. Given its durability, it is a one-time investment which surely gives a lifetime of service in any home.

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