Paradiso Light (or China Juparana) is a one-of-a-kind granite known for its swirling pastel patterns.



Free-flowing veins swirl across the whole slab, forming a series of “waves.” The variations, as a result, create an impression of movement throughout the surface. These patterns are natural and inconsistent, making each piece of slab unique.

Installation of this particular granite requires careful attention to every detail. During layout, slabs must be placed side by side to make sure that the seams are accurate. The movement of the veins should flow in the same direction.


A #bathroom #vanity provides an effective way to squeeze extra storage out of a limited space. 🙂

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An experienced installer will take time moving around each piece of slab to achieve the perfect fit. The result, nevertheless, will surely be something worth the effort and the cost.

Paradiso Light is something you won’t usually find in most kitchens. Pair it with the right colors from your floor to wall; its distinct beauty will be the envy of many.


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