Protect your granite and marble slabs with a high-quality stone impregnating sealer from Italy. Designed to be absorbed into the stone, Tenax’s Hydrex and Proseal protect from within the surface. Both products provide an invisible protection against staining without affecting the stone’s appearance.

Hydrex is a water-repelling sealer ideal for vanity tops and other outdoor installations.

Proseal, on the other hand, is best for kitchen countertops as it shields stones against oil and water.

A simple experiment on a small piece of marble reveals the advantage of using any of the two products in your home.


Tenax, Proseal, Hydrex, Test on Marble

We placed a few drops of Water, Soy Sauce, and Cooking Oil on the stone’s surface for a couple of minutes.


Tenax, Proseal, Hydrex, Stone Sealer, Cebu, Philippines

Later, we pat dry the surface with a piece of cloth and here’s the result:

  1. For the Unsealed Marble, all three liquids have penetrated its surface.
  2. The portion applied with Hydrex has had minimal discoloration from Soy Sauce and Cooking Oil. Water, however, was quickly wiped clean.
  3. Lastly, with Proseal, the surface was virtually unaffected. The product was able to repel the liquids placed on the treated area.



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