Having a marble surface, like a countertop or a pastry board, makes everything a lot easier, especially if you are into baking.

With a marble slab, you can effortlessly prepare various kitchen recipes on the stone’s smooth and flat surface. It provides a much-needed space to cut, knead, and roll nicely in the kitchen.

Another great thing is that it absorbs heat naturally better than any other materials, such as plastic or wood. This characteristic allows the marble:

a. to keep the dough relatively cool, preventing butter from melting– which hinders flakiness and makes the dough hard to roll. Moreover, if you chill the marble board first, it functions even better;

b. to temper chocolate adequately, which results in better-quality sweets. It produces chocolates with consistently small crystals and minimal white patches;

c. to keep the ice cream cold while toppings are mixed in at your favorite creamery. This benefit encourages the customers to be creative with the flavors, which adds another level of fun to the experience.

Hence, pastry chefs, chocolate makers, and other food artisans love this particular natural stone. It’s just impossible to think of preparing most goodies without it.

Marble, compared to other kitchen surfaces, can be considered an expensive material. Thus, it is important to take care of it properly to preserve its exceptional beauty and wide-ranging functionality.


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