What Does Baltic Brown Look Like?

Quarried in Finland, Baltic Brown is a resilient natural stone popularly used worldwide.

Easily recognizable for its distinct black and brown patterns, Baltic Brown’s surface appears like lava bubbles frozen in time. Although it may seem like a crumbly rock at first glance, this particular granite is highly durable and incredibly dense.

How Durable is the Granite Baltic Brown?

Formed from within the inner fires of the Earth, it can withstand the extremes of temperature– be it heat or frost. Hence, it is useful for both indoor and outdoor applications.

As a kitchen countertop or as a bathroom vanity top, it complements well with most cherry wood or red maple cabinetry. Alternatively, it also provides a beautiful contrast to a minimalist, white space.

Keep it away from other materials with visually striking patterns. The granite’s specks will undoubtedly compete for attention with all the other visual elements nearby.

Outside, it works great on walls, stairs, and floors with the right surface finish. Moreover, it is suitable, too, as pavers and benches in parks and gardens. Its ability to weather against the elements of sun, rain, and snow makes it very much useful outdoors.

Baltic Brown is a unique stone which is both durable and beautiful. Paired with the right materials and installed by an experienced professional, this granite surely makes any space look something worth more its value.


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