The 7 Secrets Why Black Granite Countertops Rock!

Working on the design of your interior can be a challenge, especially if it has the potential to transform your home entirely. A new countertop, for example, can make a huge difference to your kitchen‘s appearance. But with so many options out there, it’s not always easy to know which way to go.

While every material comes with its own benefits and drawbacks, one particular counter type continues to stand the test of time. White marble and engineered quartz are indeed excellent options. But once you go with black granite, you’ll never go back to other materials. Here are seven reasons why black granite countertops rock:

1. Black Granite is Timeless

It’s always hard to choose the right material and color for your countertop, especially if you have a lot of selections at hand. Of course, you want something that looks sleek and stylish. Yet, at the same time, you have to consider how it affects the other elements inside your home.

What you don’t want, however, is a surface that will look dated in just a few years. If you have a laminate or solid surface countertop, you’d certainly know what we mean. Over time, you’d have to tear out your ugly countertop and replace it with a better one.

It's an investment that will give you a lifetime of service

Thankfully, with black granite, you’ll not only have a beautiful slab that complements your entire kitchen but also a classic material that certainly won’t go out of style. It’s an investment that will give you a lifetime of service, whether you have a traditional or modern kitchen design.

2. Black Granites are Boundless

You might think there’s only one kind of black granite, but there are actually several shades and styles you can choose from.

Absolute Black (India)

First, there’s “Absolute Black,” an ultra-dark granite from India that works as an ideal solid black kitchen countertop. It’s a popular choice for most minimalist black and white kitchens.

Black Galaxy (India)

There’s also “Black Galaxy,” a deep black granite with specks of bronzite scattered throughout its surface. Paired with an all-white backdrop, the material sparkles against the stark contrast of light cabinets, floor tiles, and walls.

Jet Black (China)

On the other hand, if you prefer a pitch-black counter, consider having “Jet Black” instead. Quarried in China, it’s a low-cost alternative for the Absolute Black granite. Be wary, however, of choosing this product as it is sometimes dyed by manufacturers to achieve a darker shade.

Black Forest (India)

Lastly, there’s the “Black Forest,” a beautiful black granite from India characterized by its white veins spread across the slab. Although it looks similar to the marble “Nero Marquina,” this particular granite is highly durable and easy to care for.

Whichever of the above-mentioned stones you choose, your granite will surely add elegance to your overall kitchen aesthetic. After all, the depth of a black granite countertop serves as a stunning focal point to any kitchen interior. Moreover, it adds a striking visual interest in the kitchen without overpowering other design elements.

3. Black Countertops are Versatile

Thanks to its enduring look, black granite countertops complement a diversity of kitchen styles, be it classic or contemporary. It works well, too, with various materials, such as wood and stainless steel. Thus, if you decide to remodel your kitchen in the future, you can choose to retain your counter. Eventually, you’ll be able to spend less on your project as your countertop will certainly go the distance.

Black is beautiful.

4. Black Granite is Bulletproof

Dark granites are denser compared to lighter ones, such as “Salt and Pepper” and “Pink Porrino.” Their surface is too compact for the liquid to seep in. As such, you don’t have to apply a stone sealer on your countertop yearly. You only need to wipe off the surface regularly with a soft, clean cloth after every use. Or better yet, you can apply a specially formulated stone cleaner on your granite to keep it looking new for years.

5. Black Granites are Enduring

With proper care and maintenance, your granite counter will outlast even your entire house itself. After all, it’s a natural material formed by extreme pressure deep within the earth millions of years ago. As a result, granite can withstand high temperatures or even the impact of a sudden force.

With proper care and maintenance, your granite counter will outlast even your entire house itself.

These characteristics make granite an ideal kitchen countertop material for any home. Its remarkable durability allows it to resist the constant use and abuse of daily kitchen activities. Moreover, its inherent strength ensures that it won’t crack or chip easily, unlike ceramic or porcelain tiles.

6. Black Granites are Spotless

While some countertop materials, like marble and wood, absorb liquids, black granites, on the other hand, are non-porous—especially when polished. Should any spill or drip occur on your counter, the liquid will only sit on top of the granite’s surface. It’s a great benefit, especially because your kitchen needs to be extremely hygienic.

Thanks to its easy-clean nature, you can easily wipe away crumbs and bits after every use. Just make sure that you never prepare your food directly on your counter. Always remember to use a cutting board every time.

An "Absolute Black" granite countertop for a residential kitchen in Cebu City

7. Black Granite is Cost-Effective

You may think that replacing your old ceramic tiles with a new black granite countertop will cost you an arm and a leg. But we beg to differ. With black granite, it’s money well-spent considering the durability and longevity it gives.

First, you’ll save a lot of cash because you won’t have to reseal your countertop yearly. You can forget about the need to buy a stone sealer or to hire a pro to seal it for you.

You'll save a lot of cash because you won't have to reseal your countertop yearly.

Second, your granite countertop will certainly hold up for the rest of your lifetime. Unless, of course, you have it replaced. Remember: if it outlived the dinosaurs, it could outlive you, too.

Lastly, it’s a classic material that will never go out of style. Granite has been used since ancient Egyptian and Roman architecture, yet we still use the same material today. Other countertop fads, like Corian and Formica, have come and go, but granite is definitely in for the long haul.

Where Can You Buy Black Granite Slabs?

Considering its practical and aesthetic benefits, you really can’t go wrong with choosing a black granite countertop. Not only does it look good in the kitchen, but it’s also highly-durable and cost-effective. If you wish to explore your options with black granites, you may call or visit any of our slab yards. We’d be more than willing to help you with your project.

Stone Depot carries a wide range of black granites and other stone colors for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops. Drop by your nearest Stone Depot branch today and find the perfect slab for your kitchen remodeling project.

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