We're growing quickly. And so can you.

As we expand our market reach in the region, we are looking for talented individuals to join Our Team. We need specialists in the fields of Sales, Finance, Management, and Engineering.

Email us at careers @ granite.ph.


What Do You Like About the Company?

"Working here is both an opportunity and a challenge. The tasks we handle daily keep us engaged all the time. Knowing that we are part of something big (and something more significant in the future) makes all the difference.

I love the camaraderie which we have built since day one. It feels good to know that your colleagues care about you. Here, we can freely share our ideas to anyone. More importantly, it's empowering to know that the Company trusts you with full confidence." - Aileen, Branch Manager


How Do You Feel About Your Work?

"I feel motivated knowing that I am learning something new every day at the office.

I'm happy with how my colleagues treat me. It makes my job easier and a lot more enjoyable.

Knowing that I am in a great company is something that I have always dreamed of before." - Yna, Secretary


Why Do You Prefer Working Here?
Unsa Imong Nagustohan Diri nga Wala sa Lain?


"Buotan ang amo. Tsada ang benepisyo. Sakto magpasweldo ug maayo modala ug tao. Mga gwapa ug gwapo akong mga katrabaho"
("The management is considerate. The benefits are good. My employment is secure. And everyone looks good.") - Richard, Warehouse Attendant


What Were Your Expectations During Your First Week?


"Seeing how everyone is having fun while doing their usual tasks, I know that working here is different than any regular job I see in most companies.

I look forward to going through the same experiences of my colleagues, as well." - Kate, Secretary


Why Join Us?

"We are looking for individuals who are not only skilled but are also passionate about what they do best. We are in search of people with fresh ideas, critical judgment, and youthful enthusiasm to be part of our Team.

As we continue to expand over the coming years, we need hungry, young blood to run with our pack. Join us!" - Miguel, General Manager