One of the first few questions many homeowners ask us before having their countertops made is “Will it have seams?”

Depending on (1.) the size and layout of your countertop, and (2.) the availability of the slab size, the answer can either be a “Yes” or a “No.”

A simple wall-to-wall countertop with a length of a meter or two can be in one piece with a “0.60m x Random” granite slab size.

An “L-shaped” or a “U-shaped” kitchen countertop, however, will, most likely, have a seam. Owners may opt to use larger slabs should they prefer it in one piece. But, of course, this will cost more. Besides, this does not guarantee that the stone’s dimension would suffice the area required by your project.

Should a seam be unavoidable, incorporating it near a sink or the range is highly advisable. It will help cover most of the seam, leaving a minimum amount in view.

During layout and design, a professional installer will always try to minimize the number of seams required and locate them in places that are as unobtrusive as possible. Moreover, he or she will “color match” the joining adhesive to help reduce the seams’ appearance.


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