7 Home Improvement Projects You Can Start This 2021

With COVID-19 causing multiple lockdowns worldwide, many of us have been forced to work at home for the past several months. Now, as we patiently wait for the pandemic to end, we’re spending longer hours in our residences than usual.

Little by little, we become more and more familiar with every nook and cranny inside our homes. And with each passing day, we slowly realize how wear and tear have pretty much changed everything at our residences. From old kitchen cabinets to outdated countertops, from frayed rugs to overall bad lighting, our self-isolation has made us more aware of the things we took for granted unwittingly.

Now that many of us are in home quarantine, maybe the thought of remodeling your house has crossed your mind. Or, probably, you wanted to add a new feature, like a home gym or a kids’ playroom. Thankfully, there’s no better time to start your home improvement project than now, when we’re mostly stuck indoors.

But before we begin, buckle up as we take you on a descriptive trip to some of the many home improvement projects you can do during this pandemic.

1. Replace Your Ugly Kitchen Countertop

If you’re looking for a¬†cost-effective¬†way to remodel your old, boring¬†kitchen, well, you’re definitely not alone.

After all, many of us became overnight chefs and Instagram foodies during the lockdown. Stay-at-home restrictions have allowed us to spend more time in the kitchen and channel our inner Gordon Ramsay.

Additionally, as most restaurants and bars are still adjusting to the new normal, most people would rather be making their own meals at home instead. Given these, it pays to invest in a great kitchen space, especially now that we’re spending more time doing meal preps at our own kitchens.

Upgrading your entire kitchen, however, can oftentimes be costly. While for some, it can happen with a snap of their fingers, for most of us, we’d have to break the bank.

Surely many would have wanted to revamp their kitchens if given a chance. But in these times of uncertainty, you’d have to think twice before starting a home improvement project because of the cost. Thankfully, you can easily create an impact on your kitchen by first upgrading your counter.

Whether you have a small or an expansive kitchen, the power of a captivating countertop shouldn’t be underestimated. By choosing the right countertop material, not only will your kitchen look stunning but highly functional as well.

Today, there are many great options for your countertop that are practical, affordable, and, of course, beautiful. If you prefer a natural material, you can choose between granite and marble. These two natural stones have an inherent beauty that no ceramic tile can match. On the other hand, if you prefer a worry-free surface, go for engineered quartz instead. Either way, your will kitchen will definitely get the upgrade it deserves.

Additionally, you can also make a subtle change to your kitchen by changing the faucets. After all, many of us never bother changing our old basic tap even when it’s already ugly and leaking. If you notice that your faucet has lost its sparkle, swap it out with a new, high-quality replacement to breathe new life into your kitchen.

2. Brighten Up Your Rooms

With proper lighting, any room can look spacious and inviting. In contrast, a dimly lit room can appear small and uncomfortable.

Hence, if you’re feeling a bit gloomy lately, maybe adding some proper lighting should lift your spirits. Not only will it make you feel more positive, but it will also help you be more productive.

If you’re interested, there are several ways you can brighten up your space. First, it can be as simple as having a table lamp or a floor lamp in your room. When placed on the strategic corners of your home, these beautiful light fixtures can make any place feel warm and cozy.

What’s more, you can also replace the ceiling lights in your house with some modern and geometrical light fixtures. Online or in-store, there are plenty of stunning masterpieces you’ll find in the market to choose from that will complement your interior.

Having proper lighting definitely improves the mood in your place.

For your kitchen, you may also want to consider having under-cabinet lighting for added style and functionality. This particular task light not only provides focused illumination on your countertop but also highlights the beauty of your backsplash. Furthermore, it brings a relaxing and homey feel that overhead lighting just can’t.

Of course, installing these fixtures would require the help of a trusted electrician. But if you’re a bit handy, you can also DIY.

Ultimately, whether you plan to use floor lamps or replace your overhead lights, having proper lighting definitely improves the mood in your place. It’s an inexpensive home improvement project that certainly brings a massive impact on your living space.

3. Decorate with Mirrors

Adding mirrors in your home is another savvy idea to make your rooms look bigger and brighter without spending a lot.

Installed in the right locations, a mirror allows you to optimize the presence of natural light in your home. When placed adjacent to the window or a light source, it scatters all the radiance throughout the room, brightening up space.

Furthermore, the mirror can make any room appear visually larger because of the illusion of depth it creates. The image it reflects makes you think that there is more space than there really is.

Installed in the right locations, a mirror allows you to optimize the presence of natural light in your home.

Whether you live in a modern or vintage home, you can easily find a mirror that complements your interior. You only need to look for the perfect frame that fits your space. It’s a design element that can be a stunning focal point in any room.

Be it in your bedroom, the hallway, or the living room, mirrors bring drama and flair into any space. They’re beautiful yet cost-effective pieces that you can easily pull-off during this pandemic.

4. Update Your Windows

Windows can make or break the form and functionality of your house. Available in various shapes and sizes, windows not only brighten up your space by permitting natural light, but they also promote good air circulation inside your home. As such, they greatly minimize your daily energy consumption 24/7.

If you live in the mountains or by the beach, your windows can easily frame a stunning view of the outdoors from within your room. With a well-placed sequence of windows, you can quickly catch that picture-perfect sunset or cityscape right from your couch.

If you’re planning to update your windows anytime soon, you can invest in double glazed windows to minimize the rays that pierce through the room. It helps keep your home stay cool, especially during those hot summer days here in the Philippines. Additionally, you can also spend on high-quality blinds or blackout curtains for added privacy.

Natural light makes any space appear light, brighter, and livelier.

5. Unleash the Plantito/Plantita in You

Nowadays, almost everyone is planting and collecting indoor plants, thanks to social media. It has become a trend on Facebook and Instagram, especially during the recent lockdown.

As we’re all confined in the four corners of our own homes, we’re mostly stuck doing indoor activities. As such, many are discovering and realizing their love for plants during this pandemic.

Indoor plants definitely improve the allure and atmosphere of any home. Varying in shapes, sizes, and colors, plants contribute to the aesthetics of your living space. They also improve air circulation, adding more oxygen supply for us to breathe. It’s a natural and affordable alternative to air purifying machines selling like pancakes these days.

It’s one of the easiest home improvement project you can definitely start today!

6. Use Carpet to Make Your Home Cozy and Warm

Your bedroom and living room can easily be updated by changing your wall displays or furniture pieces at home. Or, you can do this, too, by simply adding a fine carpet in the room. After all, carpets bring a distinct vibe to any indoor space, especially if you pick the right color and print.

Carpets are good for insulation, too. When it’s cold, especially if you live in the highlands, you can comfortably walk barefoot on the carpet than on your floor tiles.

Carpets bring a distinct vibe to any indoor space, especially if you pick the right color and print.

Additionally, it prevents unnecessary footsteps noise, unlike walking on hard surface floors.

However, keep in mind that regular cleaning is a must if you plan to use a carpet at home. Vacuuming daily is necessary to prevent dust mites from lurking in. Additionally, deep cleaning periodically should make it look good as new in the years to come.

7. Grow Your Backyard Garden

Today, gardening has evolved from the typical backyard activity we all once knew. From growing greens in our gardens, we’re now cultivating plants in our balconies, roof decks, and even in reusable plastic containers.

And although backyard and urban gardening differ in some ways, they still provide the same benefits for everyone. First, gardening provides fresh produce right from your own home. Not only does it allow you to cut your spending by growing your own fruits and veggies, but it also saves you the time and trouble of going to and from the grocery.

There's something delightful about growing your own food and sharing it with your friends and family.

Second, it ensures that your food is free from harmful chemicals, not to mention that they taste better, too! And because it allows us to pick the product right before consumption, it retains more nutrients as well.

What’s more, gardening is not only satisfying, but it’s also relaxing. There’s something delightful about growing your own food and sharing it with your friends and family. Also, if you have kids at home, letting them help with your gardening tasks can make them love their veggies.

If you’re feeling anxious, looking at the greens and the colorful blooms can make you feel relaxed too. It also helps you build more resistance and get a great dose of Vitamin D. But remember, do the gardening only in the morning or late in the afternoon. Lastly, don’t forget to wear your gloves, boots, and protective covering all the time.

Start Your Home Improvement Project Today

There are many ways you can improve your home without worrying about the debris and spending beyond your budget. Now that you’ve read our list of suggestions, maybe it’s about time that you do a walkthrough around your house once again. List down the outdated features inside your home and rank them based on their priority.

Are you still happy with your doorknobs? Are you still using a laminate countertop? Or does your living room need more natural light?

From here, you can start planning your project based on their priority and, of course, your budget. No matter how big or small, a home improvement project can breathe new life into your space. What’s more, not only does it improve the atmosphere inside your home, but it also makes your place a lot more relaxing and enjoyable‚Äďespecially during this pandemic.

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