Jet Black is one of the most widely used granites here in the Philippines. It is the preferred choice for many residential and commercial projects because of its appearance and durability.

It has a timeless beauty which fits exquisitely in any space. Its rich, mysterious color goes well with many other elements– be it a maple cabinet, a white wall, or even a stainless steel fixture. Also, it provides the perfect contrast to any light-themed space.

Compared to other natural stones, Jet Black is more durable and a lot denser. It can withstand the constant use and abuse of ordinary kitchen preparations. Like every other granite, it resists heat and scratches, making it an ideal kitchen counter.

As a mid-range priced granite, Jet Black costs more than your ordinary Salt & Pepper Granite, but a lot less than an expensive Italian marble. Thus, many contractors and homeowners find it reasonably priced considering the advantages of this particular granite.

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