Discover new kitchen design ideas from the gallery of our favorite works over the years. View our collection and find some inspiration for your new home or kitchen renovation.

Browse through our extensive range of various granite, marble, and quartz countertop projects. Find distinct combinations of diverse kitchen styles, layouts, and color schemes. See our selection of stone applications in residential homes, restaurants, building lobbies, and showrooms.

Two-Tone Kitchens

Black granite countertop with white kitchen cabinets in Cebu
"Black Galaxy" granite is a low maintenance, high-performance countertop material ideal for everyday kitchen preparations. It resists scratches, stains, and even damage from extreme heat.
White granite countertop paired with dark brown cabinets in Cebu
Small details make a big difference.
Black granite countertop in a private residence in Cebu, Philippines
Form meets function in this lovely French kitchen.
Gray granite countertops for townhouse kitchens in Mandaue City
The Salt and Pepper granite, or G603, is an ideal countertop material for high-volume projects, such as townhouses or condominiums, because of its reasonable cost and consistent appearance.
Black granite countertop and island in a busy kitchen in Cebu
Worried about kids running around in your home? Choose a rounded edge profile, like the "bullnose," for a softer look and a safer edge on your kitchen countertop.

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