Kitchen design for a restaurant with black granite counter in Cebu
Not every countertop will have a seam. Due to the limitation on the dimension of the available slabs, however, joints are sometimes inevitable.
Gray granite countertop in Cebu City
A backsplash is an extension of the countertop which extends perpendicularly up the wall. It is typically 4 inches high, but it can go all the way up underneath your upper cabinets. When matched with the same countertop material, it creates a clean and uniform look.
Black granite bar counter in Danao City, Cebu
Absolute Black is a premium granite that has a consistent color and texture throughout its surface. It is used in various indoor and outdoor applications, such as countertops, vanity tops, floors, and even wall cladding.
Black granite kitchen countertop in Cebu City
Every kitchen preparation begins with a sparkling inspiration.

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