8 Kitchen Tools Every Home Must Have

The kitchen is an essential part of any house. It’s where we prepare our meals and hang out often with family and friends. Whether you own or rent a home, investing in hardware essentials is vital to a highly-functional kitchen. The tricky part is that there are too many appliances, kitchen tools, and fixtures that are indispensable. That’s why it’s necessary to find which ones do you really need.

But don’t worry, we’ve listed some of the kitchen tools that’s a must-have in every home. This list, however, does not include everyday items, such as spoons and forks. Knowing these kitchen essentials will undoubtedly help you save time and money during planning.

8 Kitchen Tools Worth Having

1. Knives

Give yourself a sense of convenience by having your own set of knives. It’s an item that every kitchen should have. Get a high-quality chef’s knife included in your set to make cutting or chopping ingredients a lot easier.

Aside from a chef’s knife, find a set with a paring knife and a serrated knife. Don’t forget to include a honing steel to keep your blades sharp as well. Sets that come with a chopping board or a knife block are also great steals. Prices vary, but the main criterion is a set that you can use for a long time.

2. Dinnerware

Spend on large and small plates and bowls. Having a variety of sizes for both items certainly helps in preparing ingredients while cooking. More importantly, they’re quite handy in serving various dishes. Always look for dinnerware sets that are microwaveable, sturdy, and dishwasher-safe.

To complement your kitchen tools, get a dish rack where you can dry them after washing. Find a quality dish rack where you can place your washed dishes that drains the water back to your sink. You can find quality dish racks sold anywhere, like the ones that they have in Magnificent Hardware.

3. Skillet

Every kitchen needs a skillet, especially nowadays where everybody uses a stove. It would be best if you had a skillet for cooking stovetop meals, which are easy to prepare. Most people prefer to cook stovetop meals because it takes a few minutes to get it done, particularly those who have a busy lifestyle.

We recommend using a stainless steel skillet that has a non-stick interior. These are more sustainable and heavy-duty.

Whether you are a working mom or a budding chef, it pays to invest in high-quality kitchen tools.

4. Stockpot

It helps if you have a stockpot for cooking large dishes. It is best for cooking soups, stews, pasta, and sauces. Look for the ones that are thick and sturdy and have multi-ply designs for holding heat.

5. Saucepan

For cooking smaller dishes, a medium-sized saucepan comes in handy. It’s perfect for cooking smaller portions of recipes you might otherwise cook using a stockpot. Choose a saucepan with a lid and a coated handle that stays cool to the touch.

Knowing these kitchen essentials will undoubtedly help you save time and money during planning.

6. Measuring equipment

It’s always best to be precise when cooking or baking. Sure, Filipinos have a knack for measuring things based on visual approximation (“tantyahan”), but having a measuring spoon or a measuring cup will improve your cooking better. A set of measuring spoons and classic Pyrex measuring cups helps provide precise measurements of ingredients to include in your dishes and desserts.

7. Serving Platter

Serving platters come in handy when you have guests at home—spring for one that will look good on your dining table. A couple of these should be enough for simple family gatherings.

8. Sheet Tray

A high-quality sheet tray is always a useful kitchen tool. These are suitable for making cookies, pizza, and other finger foods. You can also place it under deeper dishes, like roasting trays, as a fail-safe for troublesome dripping on your counter.


Whether you are a working mom or a budding chef, it pays to invest in high-quality kitchen tools. Not only do these items make cooking, baking, and serving food convenient, they also make our kitchen activities a lot more fun. You’ll be surprised if to find yourself more inspired to post Instagram-worthy flat lay photos of your meals– thanks to this list.

Rosette Monell

Rosette Monell

Rosette has a knack for anything DIY. She spent her younger years learning about the different hardware tools and equipment in the hopes of establishing a hardware business in the future. Her career options may have changed, but today, she continues to write so passionately about her first love.

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