A classic and timeless choice for high-end kitchens, marble countertops are both elegance and sophistication combined.

Their exceptional beauty and natural warmth make them an attractive choice for many residential and commercial spaces. Furthermore, marble countertops easily work well with both traditional and modern interiors.


1. Marble’s Timeless Beauty

A marble countertop has an appearance no human-made surface can match.

The stone comes in hues of milky white, chocolate brown, coal-black, salmon pink, and emerald green, most having prominent veins while others with subtle patterns.

Despite the variety of colors available, however, white marble is the first choice for many kitchen countertops and vanity tops. Like a white button-down shirt, white marble is adaptable. It complements any architectural style. It mixes well with a wide variety of materials such as stainless steel, wood, and tile. Furthermore, it can be dressed up with a polished finish, or made more casual with a honed surface.


For all its elegant beauty, it sure does have its weaknesses.

Its crystalline structure makes it susceptible to stains and sensitive to acidic solutions. It requires a periodic application of sealer for protection. Moreover, it gets scratches easily. Therefore, it is highly advisable to use a cutting board during most kitchen preparations.


It does not mean, however, that you should not consider marble in your home. Many customers do. It just means taking a little more care of your countertop for every use.

If you love the look and if you think you can handle the extra upkeep marble requires, you do not have to think twice about having it inside your home.

After all, nothing compares to the beauty it brings.


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