The Nano Crystallized Glass (also called "Super White," "Nano White," or "German White" ) is a new alternative to standard countertop materials, such as granite, marbles, and quartz.

What is a Nano Crystallized Glass?

Nano Crystallized Glass has a pure white, reflective surface. The material comprises of silica and other natural minerals kiln-fired under extreme temperature. Each slab appears entirely white, which makes it a perfect addition to most modern, minimalist kitchens. Furthermore, it is a cost-effective substitute for pure white marble.



Nano Crystallized Glass' Durability

The engineered stone withstands exposure to heat or liquid under regular kitchen use. Moreover, it resists most common household chemicals. Hence, not only does it appeal for its appearance, but it also offers the required functionality needed in every kitchen.

Technically speaking, it is a much harder material compared to ordinary glass. It scores 6.0 to 7.0 on the Mohs scale and has a water absorption rate of 0.004% to 0.02%. Additionally, it is radiation-free, making it an excellent food-grade surface fit in every home.

It is essential to know, however, that only a professional installer should handle this type of material for any project. The Nano Crystallized Glass requires a high level of skill and years of experience to produce remarkable results. Seldom, a slab may even snap unintentionally into two or more pieces in spite being at the hands of the best installers.

The Nano Crystallized Glass is best for countertop applications but is also suitable for floors, walls, and table tops, considering its composition. With a clean, bright look, it makes any room appear much more spacious. It can flexibly work with various architectural styles-- from the minimalist to the most intricate.


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