The Onyx* is an exquisite material known for its beauty and high value in the stone industry.


It is a soft, delicate stone with a series of alternating waves of colors running throughout its surface. These colors vary from pearl white to golden honey, earthy brown, and spring mint.

The Onyx is a translucent stone often used in decorative applications. Hence, it is mostly inside hotel lobbies, on bar tops, and as wall accents because of its unique and fascinating beauty.


The stone is not as hard as granite. It breaks up or chips off easily. Therefore, it works for decorative applications only, never for heavy-duty functions. Moreover, it must be kept away from liquids because it is extremely porous. Exposure to any forms of acid, like wine or juice, will result in etching.

Design accents which require the use of Onyx call for a professional expert to do the job. It is essential to keep in mind, also, that placing it at the right locations only will help preserve its beauty for a lifetime.


The Onyx is an expensive material. Therefore, it requires careful consideration before putting one in your home or office. If you are comfortable with (1) the price, (2) the required maintenance, and, more importantly, if you like (3) its appearance, Onyx will add significant value to your home or business establishment.


*The term “Onyx” used in this article refers to the gemstone form of Calcite (Calcium Carbonate), and not to the genuine onyx.

A genuine onyx is a form of quartz. And much like granite, it is sturdy and durable. It is a semi-precious stone used primarily for making pieces of jewelry.

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