Salt and Pepper, or G603, is a fine-grained, gray granite from China used in many large-scale projects around the world.

It is widely utilized in the construction industry primarily because it is the cheapest granite in the market. Moreover, it is readily available from most natural stone suppliers.

What Does Salt and Pepper Granite Look Like?

Salt and Pepper is a combination of black, white, and silver specks evenly distributed throughout its surface. Slight variations occur, however, with some slabs having smaller or larger grains than others. Also, some have a lighter or darker background than the rest.

It works on flooring or cladding applications, especially on projects like airports or malls.

How Durable is the Granite Salt and Pepper?

It can accept most types of surface treatments to accommodate any indoor or outdoor applications. Indoors, Salt and Pepper can be polished to bring out a smooth and shiny surface. Also, it can be flamed, or bush hammered to obtain a highly-textured, non-slip surface finish for poolsides and pavements.


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